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This is the cropped version of my painting for Launchpad Gallery’s “Family Group Show.”  If you want to see the full view of the painting come down to Launchpad on Friday October 2nd at 534 SE Oak St. for the opening reception between 6 pm and midnight.  There are 118 artists participating in this show.  It should be fun and the food will be free.  If you got some time and want to see a good art show you should stop in.

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Fun on Last Thursday

I will be out at The Nest (1801 NE Alberta St.) and Mash Tun Brewpub (2204 NE Alberta St. Ste 101) on September 24th for Last Thursday.  I have solo shows at both places so please stop by and have a look and say hi.  I think I will be starting off at the Mash Tun and then later going to The Nest.  If you can’t make it out tomorrow then be sure to check them out some time next month.

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It looks like I will be displaying at The Nest (1801 NE Alberta St) from September 24th until through October 28th.  It will be my 6th Last Thursday solo show, and second for September (also showing at Mash tun).  I only have until Wednesday to figure out which paintings to put up, but I think I will go with works where all of the characters have teeth missing.  These have never been shown before.  Hope some people come out to check them out.

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MySpace Paintings Update


This is a preview of my MySpace paintings I have been working on this year.  30″ x 40″ acrylic and ink

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I just found out that I will be displaying at Mash Tun Brewpub (2204 NE Alberta St) from September 24th until through October 28th.  It will be my 5th Last Thursday solo show.  Above is one of the paintings I will be showing.

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I am going to be displaying a piece for the Launch Pad Gallery group show in October.  The show’s theme is “Family.”  Over 100 artists are going to be involved.  It will be going on from October 2nd though November 1st.

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Painted Door Auction


Painted this piece that was displayed at the Portland Painted Door Auction for the Art Institute of Portland and Portland City Art.  I really enjoyed being a part of this show. It was my first involvement with “First Thursday” and I was happy to see that the piece sold.  Also, I would like to thank John Graeter for letting me participate.

This piece is 6.5′ x 3.’  It was done on a wood door with spraypaint, acrylic, and ink.

Check out the rest of the doors that were up for auction at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/artinstituteofportland/sets/72157622218287878/

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