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Review of show!

The following is an exerpt of a review of the “Mapquest” show at Graeter Art Gallery.  It was done by Tom Litterkit of the maybeparade crew.  Check out the full review of the show at maybeparade.tumblr.com

This installation of Azad Sadjadi’s work takes two Luchadors from the ring and imagines them in the banality of everyday life- eating fast food, plunging toilets, drinking 40’s, brushing teeth- however, his technique is anything but and this odd couple’s boldly colorful humanity has one thinking they could very well live next door. Sadjadi also debuted three new works (so new that the paint was still drying) that portend intriguing pieces to come. “Tune in & Tune Out” has figures with eddying skin tone paying homage to television; “3 Women in Veils” emanates with daubs of color on a glucocorticoid; and “Conflict Resolution” pits two faces (all stitches and teeth) against a backdrop of tidy color bars. This juxtaposition of the realistic and the bizarre remind that Sadjadi’s skills are as eclectic as his muses.

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Here are some pictures from the Mapquest show opening.  What a great night!  Check out all of the pictures here:  Mapquest show

Big thanks to Graeter Art Gallery for putting the show all together.  Also, thanks to Silent Partner PDX and Graeter Art Gallery for creating the pictures.

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