New Painting!

Azad_Untitled_48x60.jpg“Untitled” – Acrylic and oil on 48″ x 60″ canvas – 2016


Piece for p:ear!  P:ear is a non-profit that, “builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.”

I was asked to participate in this benefit show that opens June 4th at the p:ear gallery (338 NE 6th Ave, Portland). Learn more about this great organization here: P:EAR

6 2 5 341

Some new paintings for my show “‘SCAPES AND STUFF (AND THINGS)” at The Fresh Pot’s downtown Portland location (724 SW Washington). In total, thirteen pieces that haven’t been shown before are on display. The show will be up from May 4th through mid June. The pieces above are all acrylic and oil on 12×12 wood panels.

AzadStumptown1 AzadStumptown2

Couple of pics from my recent show at Stumptown Coffee. Glad so many people were able to come check it out!


“Dinnermania” is the latest painting I made for my new solo show, Modern Day Don Quixotes, at Stumptown Coffee (128 SW Third Avenue).  The show will up from January 14th – February 24th, with an opening reception on Sunday, January 18th, from 4-6pm.

Check out the press release here: Modern Day Don Quixotes

Self-Portrait Finished


Finally finished up this self-portrait by getting the background on it done. 14″ x 20″ acrylic and oil on canvas.

Art at Vita Cafe

Sadjadi_WallowaSadjadi_Steens Sadjadi_Ochocho

I will have my art displayed, through January, at Vita Cafe (3023 NE Alberta St, PDX). Come for the art, stay for the vegan nachos.